Biswas Group

Applied Nanomaterials Research Lab

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Group Philosophy

Current research interest of Biswas group is on fabrication of nanometer scale materials for emerging technologies. We study the fundamental mechanism behind the nanomaterial formation and the nanomaterials properties using high resolution microscopy, optical & infrared spectroscopy, and diffraction. Recent years we have explored-

  • Block copolymer nanostructures as a template for inorganic nanofabrication

  • Oxide nanopatterns

  • metal (Au) nanoparticles of symmetric and asymmetric shapes

  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy for understanding the growth mechanism

  • Spherical monodisperse colloidal Si nanoparticles synthesis


  • Dr. Biswas is joining Illinois State University from Fall 2020.

  • Looking for undergraduate students to join the research group.

Funding Sources

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